Get a Boost of daily challenges

Ever got a free drink by wearing a wedding dress, carrying a teddy bear around or simply hula-hooping? Well, Boost Juice Bars is a place you can.

In its latest ‘Boost Challenge' campaign, Australian juice and smoothie bar Boost Juice Bars is giving out free drinks to whoever completes quirky daily challenges.

The two-week long campaign commenced last week with a different challenge each weekday for fans to win a free original-sized Boost.

Managing director Dr. Soraya Rahim Ismail said, "This campaign aims to drive new customers into our stores as we offer them the chance to sample our fantastic Boost product for free. This campaign also helps to generate word of mouth and hype around the brand."

Boost is taking to radio and social media with the marketing initiative, making daily announcements on the challenges on Hitz FM, and its Facebook and Twitter pages.

"We love the interactivity of social media but we will also increase awareness on the brand through radio and other mediums as well, not just digital marketing communications.

"The brand is based on the entire Boost Experience. It is not just about getting a drink at our stores. We always want to deliver a unique experience to our customers, based on the fun ‘Love Life' culture and marketing philosophy that Boost lives by," added Ismail.

The campaign was conceptualised and executed in-house.