George Clooney gets roughed up for Nespresso [VIDEO]

Nespresso has collaborated with George Clooney once more for its latest brand campaign, “Change Nothing”.  The fully integrated campaign kicked off with a teaser phase earlier this month where consumers were invited to guess what fate awaited George Clooney.

The wider global activation was launched yesterday with TV and online advertising, plus a content-rich landing page. This includes behind the scenes footage on the Nespresso website and consumer engagement through interactive image filters and gamification on the brand’s social channels.

An ad spot created shows the star spending some time at a Nespresso boutique in London, and see him eventually getting kidnapped by thugs and injured.

It all started when he struck up a conversation with an attractive woman over a cup of Nespresso coffee. Unfortunately, she happens to be the wife of a thug-like “boss”, who is played by actor Ian McShane known for his role in “Pirates of the Carribean” and “Deadwood”.

Clooney gets dragged down the stairs and thrown in the boot of a car after he refuses to give up his bag of Nespresso coffee to appease the “boss”. The spot ends with a dishevelled Clooney in his home the following morning savouring his Nespresso coffee, as he lets the audience know that he “wouldn’t change a thing” about his Nespresso experience.

Since its release on 29 September 2016, the video has garnered 721,598 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

“Our relationship with Clooney strengthens year on year, and in our twelfth collaboration, we have created a storyline that shows him at his best. He is a true partner for the brand, and here we see just how far he is willing to go for that incomparable Nespresso coffee experience,” Alfonso Gonzalez, chief customer officer for Nespresso, said.

“We always look to take the story to the next level and in this latest instalment I think we can say that it is certainly my most eventful outing to date. Bringing a more character driven approach mixed with humour has really taken the campaign to a new level,” Clooney said.