Genki Sushi rolls out new social content for its branding campaign

Genki Sushi has relaunched the Genki Lucky Draw brand campaign. In its third year, the campaign contains a series of promotions, social content and CRM events.

To maximise the exposure of the promotion, Genki Sushi has created an online viral video based on the prizes of the campaign, aiming to drive audiences’ resonance with the everyday life encounters. 

“With the brand motto of ‘Life is like sushi’, Genki Sushi hopes to continuously bring surprises and joy to our customers with the power of Genki spirit. Other than the positive energy, we also want to connect and resonate with our fans leveraging contents that are driven from their everyday lives, and therefore to create another touch-point to engage with them apart from the fun and innovate dining experiences,” said Anisa Tio, head of marketing (sushi segment & central marketing), Japanese chain restaurants, Maxim’s Caterers Ltd.

From 11 October to 7 November, members can participate the lucky draw upon every HK$150 of purchase. Genki Sushi is giving out prizes such as round-trip flight tickets to Japan, tickets for the celebration party with brand mascot Yu-Kun, and exclusive Yu-Kun premiums to the lucky draw winners.

Genki Sushi has also collaborated with influential Facebook pages, such as GFWestFace (十萬個激嬲女朋友的理由) and Office Daily (辦公室日報), to extend the reach of the promotional campaign to the younger audience and white-collar group.

Tio said: “We understand how big the influence of social media platforms can be nowadays and therefore selected a few that talk to our audience, hoping to bring the news of the latest promotion to our potential customers.”