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AI-powered PR: How generative and transformative AI are reshaping the industry

AI-powered PR: How generative and transformative AI are reshaping the industry

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The realm of communications is undergoing a revolution fuelled by artificial intelligence (AI). Two key areas - generative AI and transformative AI - offer exciting possibilities for PR professionals to become more strategic, effective, and efficient. Let's delve into these AI subsets and explore how they can elevate your practice. 

Generative AI: A creative spark 

Imagine an AI system that can craft compelling press releases, generate social media content that resonates with your target audience, or even personalise email outreach at scale. Generative AI does just that. By analysing vast amounts of data, it can produce human-quality text formats, mimicking writing styles and generating fresh ideas. 

PR applications:  

  1. Content creation: Draft press releases, social media posts, and email pitches with a consistent voice and tone. 
  2. Personalisation: Tailor messaging to specific audiences, maximising engagement. 
  3. Ideation: Generate creative concepts for campaigns, overcoming writer's block. 

Transformative AI: beyond automation 

Transformative AI goes a step further. It analyses not just data but also the context and intent behind it. This allows for a deeper understanding of audience preferences and emerging trends, enabling PR professionals to make data-driven decisions and anticipate industry shifts. 

PR applications: 

  1. Insights and measurement: Gain deeper audience insights to craft targeted campaigns and measure their effectiveness more precisely. 
  2. Trend spotting: Identify emerging trends and potential crises before they erupt, allowing for proactive communication strategies. 
  3. Risk management: Analyse potential risks associated with campaigns and develop mitigation strategies. 
  4. Leading the charge: Strategic AI implementation.

While AI offers immense potential, PR professionals shouldn't be relegated to simply pushing buttons. The true power lies in strategically implementing these tools to augment your expertise. Here's how to lead the charge: 

  1. Focus on strategy: Don't let AI dictate your communication plan. Use it to enhance your strategic thinking and decision-making.
  2. Maintain oversight: AI-generated content requires human review and editing. Ensure brand voice and message accuracy. 
  3. Upskill yourself: Stay informed about AI advancements and explore how they can be integrated seamlessly into your workflow.  

By embracing generative and transformative AI, PR professionals can become strategic thought leaders, driving innovation and raising industry standards. The future of communications is a powerful blend of human expertise and intelligent machines.   

Are you ready to take the lead? 

This article is written by Syed Idid, general manager, strategic communications & stakeholder engagement at West Coast Expressway.

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