[GALLERY] Yata gets a fresh makeover

Yata is rolling out a new supermarket in Tsuen Wan Plaza in the coming weeks. And to entice shoppers – especially fanatics of the organic movements and healthy eating – it has made a Fresh Veggie Lab, a live vegetable wall with an irrigation system where shoppers can pick their choice of greens.

Aside from gimmicks like setting up the first pop-up store for a cartoon lucky charm from Kumamoto – a city in the Kyushu Island – the new supermarket of three-floors will also have a bar where customers can purchase grilled-to-order seafood and sushi.

To create noise is a lucky draw as well as a promotion truck with an exterior veiled with moss pieces. Customers can receive prizes and fresh vegetables from a girl dressed in a vegetable dress. The truck will run around Tsuen Wan Plaza from 12 June to 24 June.

Print and television ads will debut later in the month, but the supermarket didn’t disclose any details aside from a campaign budget of three million.

The grand opening comes after the supermarket enjoyed a splurge in sales in the midst of the declining yen.

Yata’s chief executive Daniel Chong Wai-chung said the prices of fresh and packaged food will dip 2 to 3% due to economies of scale. Since October, food prices have already dropped 7 to 12%. Noodles, for example, now costs less than they did in 2009.

Chong expects the second half to enjoy a year-on-year increase of 20% and added that the drop in prices has benefited sales by 10.1% in the first five months of the year in its Shatin retail and 15.8% in the Tai Po and San Po Kong outlets.

Though he said that the depreciating yen has little impact on rising costs in transportation and wages, the supermarket is clearly in the black with two more supermarkets in Mongkok and Tuen Mun planned in the pipeline.

Yata hopes to expand to 11 outlets by 2017.

Creative and media duties were all done in-house. Yata's PR agency is Wasabi.

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