FWD offers HK's disadvantaged support with House 1881 opening art display

FWD has worked with its local CSR partner Special Olympics Hong Kong (SOHK) and St. James’ Settlement to celebrate the opening of House 1881, with the inclusion of an art installation added to the festivities.

"The.Dovecote@1881” installation aims to pay tribute to the former Marine Police Headquarters. Designed by home-grown artist and upcycling activist Kevin Cheung, the artwork drew inspiration from original pigeon houses that were once a common feature – and a primary form of communication – at the former headquarters.

Some 30 athlete leaders from SOHK and members of St. James’ Settlement have participated in the initiative to handcraft 330 individual pigeon houses. These boxes will be arranged within a bamboo-constructed tunnel and unveiled at the official House 1881 opening ceremony on May 8.

Aiming to help the city's disadvantaged, this project aims to equip athlete leaders from SOHK and members of St. James’ Settlement to develop their potential, build confidence, and cultivate social interactions.

“This initiative reflects FWD’s commitment to engage the community in meaningful ways. It brings us great joy and fulfillment to give the participants a unique opportunity to cultivate both practical and social skills. This artwork will commemorate a new chapter for this landmark site while honouring its heritage and will be a centerpiece for House 1881’s official opening ceremony,” said Ken Lau, managing director of Greater China and Hong Kong CEO of FWD.

Located at the former Marine Police Headquarters in Tsim Sha Tsui, House, 1881 was taken over by FWD in 2018. It is intended to demonstrate FWD’s mission to "celebrate living" by providing enriching and interactive experiences.