FWD gives relationship building an interactive theme

Strong customer relationship are the foundation for all insurance companies when it comes to marketing their brands.

To stand apart from its competitors, FWD has taken a different route to market its cancer protection plan via an interactive campaign at one of the busiest MTR stations.

Created by X2 Creative, the three weeks campaign is backed by a message that "the best defense is a good offense" and aims to encourage customers to be proactive in protecting their own health.

Passengers are engaged in a live interaction with a model via an "Interactive Live Advertising Lightbox" where they will receive prizes should they finish certain tasks.

At the end of the game, participants are invited to take photos with a boxing ring as the background screen, which will later on be sent to the participants via e-mail with a link to FWD new products' website.

Client: FWD Hong Kong
Creative agency: X2 CREATiVE
Creative lead: Frank Chan
Account lead: Matthew Chak
Production lead: Kwong Yu
Media agency: PHD