Fuji Xerox Singapore's CMO Susie Wong exits

Fuji Xerox Singapore’s chief digital and marketing officer, Susie Wong, will be leaving the company after two and a half years. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE understands that Wong will be currently taking a break while figuring out her next move. While there will be no direct replacement, Kiyoyuki Miyasaka, general manager, strategic business operations, will be taking over her duties, in addition to his existing portfolio.

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Wong (pictured) said it has been an “exciting and fulfilling” journey helming the customer experience, brand management, field marketing and operations portfolios at Fuji Xerox Singapore. She added that in her time with Fuji Xerox Singapore, she has been able to develop a data-driven mindset in marketing, as well as built and executed a new transformative brand agenda.

"When I reflect on my Fuji Xerox journey, one personal highlight is our ability to juxtapose who we were – heritage roots in document management (think Xerox) to who we are becoming, a digital solutions and services partner (think Fujifilm). Hence for our brand manifesto 'from paper to digital intelligence',  the pivotal insight is that all data starts from a metaphorical sheet of paper. The culture of data-driven mindset which underpins this is another highlight that brings me immense pride," Wong added. 

Prior to Fuji Xerox, Wong held a multitude of regional and global roles in IBM in her 19 years with the company. Her last appointment at IBM Asia Pacific was the director of performance and programmatic marketing. She also had previous stints with Singapore Economic Development Board, Singapore Technologies, and Dentsu.

During her time with Fuji Xerox Singapore, Wong has been vocal about customer-centric marketing. In a previous conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Wong addressed the rapid adoption of digitalisation, reminding brands not to neglect customer experience, as the two are intertwined and there is no trade-off.

Wong said while brands look to digitalise, they need to remember that the larger marketing goal is about two things: customer acquisition and customer retention. The essence of marketing is about building brand equity and driving commercial bottom-line, and so marketers should not only be preoccupied with collecting data, but also looking at the data and asking “so what?”

Most recently at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE’s virtual conference Digital Marketing Asia, Wong also said it is every employee's responsibility to "wow and win" at every interaction. According to her, customer experience can be viewed from two lenses - a function that is decentralised to all individuals within the organisation; and a lens that has the personal involvement of the CEO. With this, she added that Fuji Xerox Singapore has appointed a customer experience champion from every department who is fully empowered to make decisions for their respective teams. These 10 champions then form the customer experience council at Fuji Xerox to oversee the departments' customer performance indicators.

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