FTLife tells audiences to embrace changes in latest campaign

COVID-19 has reshaped people's lives and changed many of our plans. Instead of telling audiences how its products can protect them, FTLife's latest campaign highlights the positive elements of inevitable change.

With the company's core value of "Think beyond insurance.", the campaign aims at encouraging people to embrace changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has also announced a new brand promise “Embrace Change for Better Future”, assuring audiences that with support from FTLife, customers can live their lives with energy and optimism.

To maximise exposure and awareness, FTLife has leveraged multiple touchpoints such as TV and OOH ads, as well as digital displays. Additionally, it has used TV-sync technology, which connects television with mobile ads, to capture multi-screen audiences and uplift the brand’s visibility.

"Instead of dramatising how our lives are being affected by COVID-19, we want to convey a positive message to consumers that while changes are inevitable and becoming more drastic than ever, we still can thrive with the advanced technology, improved medical care and highly connected living," said Ricky Lam, managing director of Havas Hong Kong.

Beyond ads, FTLife has focused on internal communications as well. To promote the new brand story, the company has set up FTLife Beyond Vlog to engage staff through a series of materials demonstrating new core values, aiming to enable them to better equip themselves to embrace change and integrate these values into their daily work.

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Lam further explained the idea of the campaign, "As we are telling a story about embracing changes, and people may have different interpretations over this idea, we need to find a good balance and choose the scenarios that audience can feel the sense of progression and the positive changes brought to their lives."

"For example, the uninterrupted business communication made possible by virtual meeting and the pet’s prosthesis enabled by the 3D printing technology (in the video) can tell audiences that they can keep moving forward with confidence during the times of change," he added.

Although Hong Kong still faces a challenging road ahead, FTLife emphasizes the positive opportunities that exist in the insurance industry.

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"As an international city with an ageing and relatively affluent population, quality healthcare services and retirement life are in high demand – with that comes a strong demand for insurance products and services," said Gerard Yang, CEO of FTLife.

"People’s needs for financial management and protection planning ever exists," he added. 

As part of the New World Development Group, FTLife has been working with other divisions to create better products.

"We leverage the synergy of New World Group's thriving business ecosystem by working proactively to tap into the interconnectivity of the group's dynamic and diverse business units…will launch more product innovations and unique services," added Yang.

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