From durian season to Prihatin, Pacific & Orient Insurance gets cheeky with online ads

Insurance might seem like a dull topic for some but Pacific & Orient Insurance is not letting this stop them from pushing its creative boundaries with a series of tongue-in-cheek ads. Done in collaboration with Orion Digital, the online ads were inspired by real life scenarios that Malaysians could relate to, such as the durian season, government instability, and Prihatin (government assistance programmes). The concept took two weeks for the agency to conceptualise before it was approved.

The campaign's objective was to drive awareness and cut through the clutter of advertising for its car insurance product known as PrOmilej, which offers up to 40% savings on consumers' car insurance based on the mileage category they select. The new product was based on the rationale that customers should not be paying full premiums when they only drive a fraction of the time. By driving less kilometres, the consumer is effectively less risky and hence, the company wants to pass on the savings to consumers. The name "PrOmilej" is also a play on the company's name Pacific & Orient Insurance.

thumbnail promilej 1
thumbnail p o 3. promilej not prihatin en 26.06.2020

promilej 3

thumbnail p o 3. promilej not prihatin en 26.06.2020

The first phase of the campaign runs for three months across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Display and Google Search. Orion Digital also partnered with YouTube content marketing agency, Aurizn, to leverage on their team of YouTube content creators to produce videos and further amplify brand reach of PrOmilej across social and digital. Founder and CEO of Orion Digital, Shanker Joyrama, told A+M that the measurement of success at this stage is purely to build awareness for PrOmilej. To date, the campaign has increased website visits by eight to 10 times, and seen between 480% to 640% in web conversions since its launch.

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