Friso Gold and Ksubaka join hands to boost consumer engagement

Ksubaka, a Singapore-based in-store advertising startup, has launched an interactive in-store engagement campaign in CRV, WuMart and MerryMart retail stores in China for Friso Gold.

The goal was to attract in-store shoppers to a Friso Gold interactive experience and communicate to mums that Friso helps prevent heat and constipation in babies because the Friso Gold molecules are smaller and easier to digest.

Equally as important, was to collect data through an onscreen shopper survey to verify that the Friso Gold Interactive Experience was effectively reaching the target audience and educate new potential customers about the product benefits.

Ksubaka designed a Friso Gold interactive experience, which was provisioned over-the- air to 231 playSpots across 37 retail stores (comprising a mix of CRV, WuMart and MerryMart) within the Ksubaka media network.

The gameplay involved catching as many small Friso molecules as possible within 30 seconds, while avoiding the larger molecules falling from a competitor’s product. Shoppers caught the molecules by moving a baby back and forth on bottom of the screen.

To emphasise the difference between small and large molecules, when the baby caught the Friso molecules they smiled and raised their hands in happiness and when they caught the large molecules the frowned and cried. At end of the gameplay, key product messages were reiterated along with a pack shot and the shopper was offered a 1 for 1 discount by scanning a WeChat QR Code to get a coupon. The short survey was then displayed on-screen asking shoppers for a little information on their preferences.

Working to a set of agreed KPIs, the Ksubaka Friso Gold 31 day campaign delivered:

- Campaign Exposures – 4.4 million +193% on KPI

- Shopper Impressions – 6.6 million +200% on KPI

- Mojo engagement – 82K +64% on KPI

(Mojo is a completed shopper brand engagement that ends at the reward screen)

- Total number of surveys completed 1.3k

“The Friso Gold campaign is an excellent example of how Ksubaka is able to drive mass consumer engagement at the point of purchase while, at the same time, giving live and meaningful insight for brands,” said Julian Corbett, CEO and founder of Ksubaka.