Frisian Flag Indonesia banks on ‘Incredibles’ packaging to market product

Frisian Flag Indonesia (FFI) is banking on Disney’s latest family movie, Incredibles 2, to market its ready-to-drink product. The company has unveiled a new packaging featuring the characters of the movie.

As part of the campaign, the brand has also roped in family psychologist, Retno Dewanti Purba who said that parents are required to think and use creative age-appropriate ways to instill good habit into children such as by conducting fun activities with their children, and linking the benefits of good values and habits that want to be implanted through their favorite characters.  In addition, parents are also expected to model examples of the application of good values and habits they want to cultivate in children consistently.

The company added that for more than 95 years, Frisian Flag Indonesia has brought the vision of building strong Indonesian families through the fulfillment of appropriate nutrition at every stage of one’s growth.

“We understand that in order to realise the vision of building strong families, continuous efforts and commitment from various parties are required. This prompted us to continue to innovate in the range of products and activities we initiated, and to collaborate with trusted partners,” said category marketing manager of RTD Department Frisian Flag Indonesia, Aliah Shalihah.

“Therefore, Frisian Flag is continuing its partnership with the world’s largest entertainment and media company Disney, in delivering the inspiring family character of Disney•Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” to our line of ready-to-drink dairy products,” she added.

Corporate Affairs Director Frisian Flag Indonesia, Andrew F. Saputro added that coinciding with National Family Day which falls on June 29th, the company wanted to deliver the message to build strong families by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as drinking milk regularly.

“The presence of the family characters from Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2 on FFI’s ready-to-drink product is one of our creative ways to help parents embed and adopt healthier lifestyles with their children in a fun way,” he added.

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