FrieslandCampina shows how unstoppable moms are this Mother's Day

Dairy company FrieslandCampina has launched its Mother’s Day campaign “Unstoppable Moms”, unveiling a film that highlights the real and often-unseen side of pregnancy.

Done in collaboration with creative and media agency Havas Group Singapore, the film shows six mothers who think they are just getting their pregnancy portraits done, but unexpectedly get to hear their partners’ dedication to them and their pregnancy journeys, acknowledging just how unstoppable these mothers are in their own ways.

Through this film, FrieslandCampina aims to shed light on the often internalised and emotional journey of an expecting mother. The film will run for four weeks on FrieslandCampina’s Facebook and Instagram channels.

According to a press release, the driving insight behind the campaign lies with the common perception of a woman as a mother only when the child is born. However, the reality is that women feel like mothers the moment they learn they’re pregnant. In that instant, they birth a determination to stop at nothing to do their best for the baby and their family.

The campaign uses the term “unstoppable” to describe mothers because the company recognises that besides the expected physical and emotional challenges that come with pregnancy, there is also constant fear and anxiety regarding the safety of the baby throughout. It also takes into consideration that most women today are working mothers and may choose to have a child later in life, which makes this journey even more stressful.

Kelly Galesloot, general manager of FrieslandCampina Singapore, said that each motherhood journey is “unique” and a testament to the “immeasurable strength, energy and willpower” of mothers.

“As we in Friesland Campina celebrate unstoppable mums, we also want to talk about the role that we play in providing nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers through Frisomum - our maternal milk product,” added Chaitan Rao, marketing director of FrieslandCampina Singapore.

Valerie Madon, chairwoman Singapore and chief creative officer SEA, Havas Group said: “Creating meaningful work is what we strive to do and as a working mother of two in Singapore, I know how much we put ourselves through to juggle a successful career and the desire to have a beautiful family. Every mother featured in this campaign is an unstoppable mum in her own way and they got to hear it from the most important other half of their lives.”