Free For All ad platform looks to gain traction in Malaysia

There’s a new media space in town and this is in the form of free water bottles. Called Free For All, this is a new ad platform where bottled water is the medium for advertisers to speak to their consumers.

According to the press kit from the company, it largely targets the Gen Y and on average, each person consumes a full bottle of mineral water for a minimum of 30 minutes, hence ensuring a longer dwell time with consumers. Gen Y’s are currently 30.3% of Malaysia’s consumer base and consists of 62% of Malaysian workforce.

Clients for the company include Mini, UM, Unifi, Universal Music Group and a few others.

“We provide free mineral water to the people, the advertising space on the bottle alleviates the cost of the bottle, making it free for everyone,” said Y.M Muhammad Faez bin Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, managing director and Co-Founder.

“We believe that advertising should not be measured by click to click basis, but instead by the
experience we are delivering to our audience. Knowing whom you are targeting is essential,
but how you reach them is vital. Keeping them informed and updated with useful information,
trends and also current events,” he added.

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