Frederique Constant appoints Alchemy for PR

The Swiss watch brand Frederique Constant has appointed Alchemy Communications as its 2016 PR strategy and media relations partner in the Greater China region.

The agency has secured a one-year retainer with the brand and will take a comprehensive PR management approach to enhance the branding of Frederique Constant in China and Hong Kong throughout 2016.

“We are delighted to partner with Alchemy Communications to reach out to a wider audience across the Greater China region. We aim to achieve a better brand awareness with our high quality manufactured Swiss watches, and more importantly, to introduce and familiarise potential clients with our passionate craftsmanship.” said Sebastien Cretegny, sales & marketing director Asia.

Jeff Chan, managing director of Alchemy Communications said that the team is both honoured and confident to drive the desired impact and outcomes in the Greater China region for Frederique Constant.



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