Former marketer creates the Whiz Times

Former Nokia marketer, Shalabh Pandey has launched The Whiz Times, a Singapore-based digital start-up, offering edutainment services for tech-savvy children and their families.

The platform offers children an interactive environment that gives them an opportunity to explore real life issues such as key global issues and latest scientific discoveries and sports segments in an engaging manner.

While there are advertising opportunities in the portal, it focuses more on branded content initiatives, keeping in mind the target audience.

"From a brand's perspective, family and kids audience segment is an extremely coveted one, and there are very few media choices out there that reach engage digital tweens, digital dads, digital moms in a wholesome, fun and safe environment," Pandey said.

Currently the site is focusing on advertising and marketing initiative for its revenues and there are also plans for its content to be made exclusive for paid subscribers in the future. However, for the upcoming months, it will remain free.

"Younger kids are becoming a crucial influence factor in all kinds of purchase decisions," Shalabh Pandey, chief whiz at The Whiz Times, said.

He added that addressing them in an ethical, transparent and non- exploitative manner can make or break a brand.

The site provides readers with the flexibility to segregate content based on age as well as content preference. In addition, kids also have access to fun, animated videos featuring key news highlights of the week, especially made cartoon strips, and hundreds of stories based on key happenings.

It offers kids reward points and encourages them to participate through quizzes, share their views on topics of interest as well as submit stories.

Pandey was previously head of earned media, South East Asia and Pacific at Nokia. Prior to that he was global head of media for Possible Worldwide (then Blue). In the past he has also held roles such as managing director Singapore/SEA at Havas Digital, Media Contacts and regional client services director Zed Digital in APAC.