Former Isentia CEO John Croll resurfaces with media intelligence platform Truescope

Former Isentia CEO John Croll (pictured) has launched a media intelligence platform named Truescope to help inform communicators about breaking news across all media types and identify issues and trends in real-time. Led by Croll and business partner Michael Bade, Truescope also seeks to make media intelligence affordable. Truescope claims that its cloud-based technology and machine learning capabilities is capable of analysing millions of social and mainstream media stories to deliver insights. 

Croll has over 40 years of experience within the communications and media intelligence industries. When asked why Truescope chose to launch in Singapore and Australia, its spokesperson told Marketing that the company identified the gap in the market for these two countries at the same time. "We felt like the opportunity was right for both markets to have a new player to address the needs of today’s fast news cycle. Clients, in both markets, are looking for real-time insights to assist with their communications strategy," the spokesperson added.

Truescope combines big data across media types and languages, into a single, coherent, and searchable database. With each media item, machine learning and natural language processing are used to distil sentiment, potential effects on brand reputation and assist brands in measuring brand awareness and communications effectiveness, according to the company. Truescope Singapore has also secured partnerships such as Twitter, Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp. Through the partnerships, Truescope will help businesses determine the content most relevant to them by providing insights to consumer sentiment, brand awareness, campaign performance, customer experience and more. 

According to Truescope, the platform will be important especially in the era of fake news. Truescope's spokesperson told Marketing that among the challenges COVID-19 brought, the issue of fake news was most relevant to media intelligence, adding that the platform is committed to helping clients call out fake news and providing the tools so it can be identified easily and quickly. The platform is currently looking to engage with marketing and communications professionals across both public and private sectors for its services.

Meanwhile, Truescope Singapore has also partnered data intelligence company Dataxet as it looks to expand across Asia Pacific. The spokesperson said Dataxet will function as a holding company and focus on building a data intelligence network in Asia. Meanwhile, Truescope will be delivering the technology platform and global content relationships. The spokesperson declined to comment which other Asia Pacific markets Truescope is eyeing next.

Croll, co-founder and CEO or Truescope, said it is ready to build bridges between new technologies and the communications industry with the launch of its platform. “We think our approach to people, product and scalability is revolutionary in this space, and we all have the unequivocal mindset that the client experience is central to everything we do," he added. 

Jason Lee, managing partner of Dataxet and CEO of Truescope Singapore said: “The future of media intelligence goes beyond traditional clippings or collation of brand mentions. Smart media intelligence provides critical objective insights about a brand or organisation in the media that can be accurately and rapidly delivered to C-suites and management in order to be fed back into brand strategy, positioning and product development."

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