Football Association of Singapore eyes brand sponsorships for 'Goal 2034' project

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has plans to find brand sponsorship for its football teams, as part of its efforts in its Goal 2034 project, which aims to get the Singapore football team to qualify for the 2034 World Cup, Channel NewsAsia said.

In a statement to Marketing, a FAS spokesperson said it is currently working to fine-tune the white paper with ministries and the key stakeholders. It is added that FAS has not yet reached out for brand sponsorship, but it will be part of its plans moving forward. The spokesperson also said it is grateful to get support from both local and international brands, but feel that support from local brands will build the credibility and faith of Singaporeans. FAS said it is open to explore partnership with an agency to manage the Goal 2034 project as well.

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) also said it will continue to meet with FAS to discuss the Goal 2034 project, to establish greater clarity and alignment on the plan. Goal 2034 is a long-term aspiration of the FAS to develop Singapore football to greater heights. In a Facebook post issued jointly by the FAS and MCCY, the statement said MCCY welcomes and supports FAS’s drive for excellence. The statement added that FAS had briefed MCCY and key stakeholders last year about its plans for Goal 2034, and the association has been refining its plans based on the feedback.

"FAS has also been engaging other stakeholders, including the Singapore National Olympic Council, to further refine its vision and plans for Goal 2034. FAS and MCCY would like to see many stakeholders – including all Singaporeans who enjoy football - jointly own and support Goal 2034, and work toward this vision together as a national project," the statement said. Marketing has reached out to FAS regarding its sponsorship plans.

The joint statement comes after FAS recently said it was surprised to hear MCCY senior parliamentary secretary Baey Yam Keng say during a debate in Parliament that Goal 2034 "is not a goal of the government". According to multiple media reports, including Channel NewsAsia and The Straits Times, Baey said "Goal 2034 is a goal set by FAS. It's not a goal set by the government."

In response, FAS said in a statement on its website that it will be very difficult for Goal 2034 to succeed if it is is not a goal which the country can support. "Goal 2034 is necessarily a longer term aspiration. It is a goal which the FAS is happy to lead, but it must be a goal of the country, and all its stakeholders," it added. 

One company that has shown support for local football is Singapore-based internet company Sea, which acquired local football club Home United Football Club (FC) last month, and rebranded it as Lion City Sailors FC. The launch of Lion City Sailors FC was an attempt to inject fresh momentum for the Singapore Premier League. FAS said it aims to use this project to build a sustainable model for the local football scene that will encourage more corporate involvement from other companies.

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