Football Association of Malaysia fined US$30,000 over ‘dog’ chant

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) will fine the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) over Malaysia’s largest soccer supporter group, Ultras Malaya’s “dog” chant in two occasions at SEA Games 2017 for a total of US$30,000.

In these two events, the Ultras Malaya members were heard chanting the word “anjing”, meaning dogs, against opponents who played against the local team. The AFC’s disciplinary committee fined the FAM Malaysia US$15,000 for each of the offences.

“The Football Association of Malaysia was fined a total of US$30,000 for the behaviour of its fans at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games match on 14 August 2017, between Malaysia and Brunei, and the SEA Games match on 16 August 2017, between Singapore and Malaysia. A group of fans was found to have been in breach of Art. 58.1 (Discrimination), read with Art. 65.1 (Spectator Conduct) of the Code,” AFC said in a statement.

The first incident occurred on 14 August where Ultras Malaya chanted “Brunei dogs should just be killed” during their side’s 2-1 victory over the neighbouring country. Two days later, the fans also chanted that Singaporeans were “dogs” as Malaysia beat the city-state 2-1.

In August, FAM’s Secretary-General Hamidin Mohd Amin expressed “regret” for the “Singapore itu anjing” chants sang by the Ultras Malaya during the 22August SEA Games Soccer match between Singapore and Malaysia, which saw Malaysia win 2-1.

“We deeply regret the occurrence of the unfortunate incident and on the basis of Asean friendship, we have reached a mutual understanding that Ultras Malaya shall not produce such chants for the remaining 2017 SEA Games, starting with the semi-final against Indonesia tomorrow night and also the upcoming final match on Tuesday (if Malaysia qualifies),” Amin said in a statement earlier.

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