Focus Media’s network hits 1000

Digital out-of-home media network Focus Media acquired The Gateway twin towers in Singapore, making it the 1000th building under its office and commercial building digital OOH media network that reaches both Hong Kong and Singapore.

The elevators of the Singaporean landmark now oversee a digital display, or what Justin Chu, executive director of Cheung Kong Holdings – Focus Media’s partner – calls “an entertaining experience”.

“We saw great value we can monetize from the Focus Media business model,” he said. “Focus Media’s unique entertainment and infotainment platform is well-received as a value-added service to our tenants and visitors at our company’s office and commercial properties”.

But Focus Media’s success is the fruit of persistence and supportive shareholders, added PJ Wong, chairman and CEO of Focus Media.

“Attaining our group’s 1,000th building in our commercial building network is a true testament of the success of our unique business model; adding value to our real-estate partners and connecting our audience with our advertising clients,” he said.

“Building a viable business, one brick at a time, until we are now the largest digital OOH media company in Hong Kong and Singapore in terms of the number of venues in which our company deploys our flat-panel displays.”

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