Focus Film Media and Ogilvy partner up to combat IP theft with ‘Piracy Blockr'

Ogilvy has joined hands with Focus Film Media, part of Focus Media Group, to develop a new way to combat illegal cam recordings in cinemas.

The “Piracy Blockr”, inspired by age-old technology found in TV remote controls and other electronic gadgets, uses infrared light to create a watermark on any illegally filmed footage, rendering it useless to sell, while having no effect on the experience of actual theatre patrons.

“Originality is the soul of the film industry and the foundation from which it thrives upon; it is our job to protect this originality,” said Jason Jiang, founder and chairman of Focus Media Group. “We are delighted to have gone beyond a conventional approach and develop the ‘Piracy Blockr,’ which allows us to address the problem in a discrete but effective way, ensuring that the film industry is protected for years to come.”

Illegal cam recordings cost the film and entertainment industry billions of dollars in losses each year, with China being one of the worst regions for infringement. But as of yet, no attempts to curb the problem, from scare tactic campaigns to increased theatre personnel, have made a significant dent in this illegal industry.