F&N and Media Prima ignite the spirit of kindness

Beverage brands F&N in a unique collaboration with Media Prima Television Networks has become the official partner for the ‘Syukur Selalu’ campaign.

In the lead up to the Ramadan and Syawal celebration, F&N has released a ‘Syukur Selalu’ special packaging for all its beverage products, and concurrently embarked on a nationwide charity drive.

Created for the first time, the special packaging carries the ‘Syukur Selalu’ signature brand mark to encourage Malaysians to discover the pursuit of real happiness through gratitude and kindness.

Spotting a warm and inviting design, the limited edition design complements F&N’s effort in drawing consumers’ support towards the charity cause as it celebrates with its favourite beverages, including F&N Fun Flavours, 100PLUS, F&N NutriSoy and F&N Seasons.

Speaking at the launch event, Zainal Abidin Musa, senior marketing manager of F&N Beverages Marketing said: "For many years, Malaysia’s leading beverage brands by F&N have been at the core of every festival where Malaysians get together and share enjoyment."

"On that basis, we are in the position to drive positive changes in the community and what better way to fulfill this responsibility not only by giving back to the society, but also providing our consumers with an opportunity to perform good deeds in the spirit of Ramadan and Syawal.”

This year, F&N is contributing RM200,000 to Media Prima’s charity fund Tabung Bersamamu to ease the burden of the less fortunate communities. Tabung Bersamamu has over the years helped thousands of people in need ranging from orphans, old folks, families in the underserved communities and disaster victims. Not only does the contribution allow Tabung Bersamamu to continue to help more people, but more importantly it brings the value of kindness as everyone, regardless poor or rich, young or old, can share the joy of Ramadan and Syawal.

Going the extra miles, the company aims to further inspire and invite Malaysians to join the cause through a pledge that extends an additional RM100,000 to the contribution. In order to fulfill the pledge, F&N has set a goal to hit 300,000 views for the ‘F&N Syukur Selalu’ festive video on social media, featuring brand ambassadors Janna Nick and Hafidz Roshdi. Similarly, the additional fund will be contributed to Tabung Bersamamu.

Throughout the campaign period that lasts until 31 July 2016, F&N aims to drive awareness of the fund-raising exercise, while inspiring more people through Media Prima Television Networks’ extensive range of integrated media platforms, including on-air, on-ground and digital.

“Armed with the potential to reach over 5 million television viewers and 4 million online users, we at Media Prima Television Networks believe we have the power to deliver an impact to the lives of Malaysians. The collaboration with F&N is ever more meaningful, as every pack of F&N drinks we hold today will remind us to be thankful and relight the greatness of kindness. Together with the charity, we’re glad to have this opportunity to propel concrete actions that deliver real impact to the community,” said Nini Yusof (pictured), group general manager of client service group, Media Prima Television Networks.

‘Syukur Selalu’ is Media Prima Television Networks’ annual brand campaign that brings together content through a universe of integrated platforms to amplify the Ramadan and Syawal spirit. It presents an immediate opportunity for brands to connect and engage with their audience. Through the campaign last year, the network commands over 80 percent of the Malay TV viewers alongside a widespread digital, social and on-ground audience engagement.

Content at the heart of it all 

Lending on the network’s creative resources and expertise in bringing engaging and effective content for the Malay audience, F&N has jointly developed and produced a series of high-quality original content. These content variations, including brand advertisements, drama series and product integration, are also created to deliver useful knowledge and information for viewers.

No celebration would be complete without a new festive song on air. This year’s edition of ‘Syukur Selalu’ Ramadan and Syawal song is performed by Dayang Nurfaizah and Black, with an accompanying music video featuring the brand ambassadors. Both Janna Nick and Hafidz Roshdi rose to stardom from TV3 hit drama series Kau, Aku, Kita and Tundukkan Playboy Itu respectively.

An exclusive Ramadan mini-series comprising four episodes of 2-minute series starring Hafidz Roshdi are extended from TV3’s highly popular drama Tundukkan Playboy Itu, which garnered over 3.6 million viewers.

Malaysia’s top isotonic drink 100PLUS on the other hand will be seen in a specially produced telemovie, Kau, Aku, Kita Raya. It is a rendition of another highly successful drama that raked over 10 million TV viewers and 1.8 million online views on tonton, YouTube and Facebook. Starring Janna Nick and Saharul Ridzwan, the telemovie is scheduled for a special premiere screening together with the main cast during the Hari Raya weekend, where access will be given to winners of a digital contest.

The informative talk show on Ramadan tips and knowledge Sembang Sahur is also making a return on TV3. This time around, the programme brings along a new partner, F&N NutriSoy in a special segment to educate and promote the practice of ‘makan sihat’, as well as dishing out creative recipes with the nutrient enriched soy milk.

Other food lovers and followers of top Ramadan cooking show, Apa Nak Makan Ni are in a treat as F&N Seasons will be giving away products and food prepared by the host, Chef Fikri for them to break fast. The celebrity chef will also be appearing on F&N social media platforms to demonstrate special cooking recipe using F&N Seasons as one of the ingredients.

Together with Media Prima Television Networks and its line-up of celebrities, F&N will be greeting thousands of fans at Bazar Syukur Selalu events and Jom Masjid – a new initiative under the ‘Syukur Selalu’ campaign banner that gathers Muslim devotees to perform prayers and bergotong-royong in preparation for break fast.

“It is truly a unique collaboration. It provides F&N with a platform to inspire people through the act of sharing and contributing. Our hope is also to set an example for those whom we work with, from employees to business partners, not to forget the gestures of kindness as we brighten up the Ramadan and Syawal cheer,” added Zainal.