Fluid Friction sets Hollywood sights

Fluid Friction says it could sell up to 40,000 copies of its first graphic novel when it hits Hong Kong on 1 June and if successful is planning a Hollywood launch into movies and video games.

Simon Squibb, CEO of Fluid Friction, said the group is currently in talks with Harvey Weinstein, one of Hollywood’s film moguls, about launching a film.

Devashard, the name of the comic, has 26 parts.

Prior to the launch of its first book, the group aims to grab public attentions through marketing and editorial features on ATV world and TVB Pearl.

The firm so far has 15,000 online subscribers. Squibb said the popularity of the graphic novel comes mainly through word-of mouth and feedback from bookstores.

It has also started setting up POS and billboards to boost June sales.

Fluid will launch the book in traditional locations like Bookazine, Dymocks and Page One but is also launching it through a new kind of distribution system.

The agency has turned 40 high end restaurant and bars into mini book shops and are working through Venue Alliance.

Over the next 12 weeks new distribution, marketing and sales locations will increase to more 300 locations in Hong Kong.

Squibb said the investment of US$1 million into Devashard was worthwhile, but added that the project had been challenging since its inception.

The group spent a year in field research and started up the business over a year and an half ago.

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