Flower shop creates race-themed bouquets and gift baskets

A local flower shop called Hummings has created a Racial Harmony Day promo, which features gift baskets and bouquets curated specifically for Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians. This was sent out in an email mailer to customers of the shop.

The Chinese offering is a basket filled with snacks such as chocolates, biscuits and mixed nuts, while the Malay gift is a vase of flowers. The Indian basket consists of flowers and fruits while the Eurasian basket consists of alcoholic beverages such as wine. The gifts in the baskets are also priced differently, with the Malay bouquet costing SG$50, the Chinese and Indian baskets as SG$55 and the Eurasian one at SG$65 (So much for equality right?)

Unsurprisingly, the odd curation of gifts have netizens puzzled, with some calling the move racist and many debating if the stereotypes of each race were accurate.

Marketing has reached out to Hummings for comment.