Fitness First getting personal

Fitness First Asia has launched Let’s Get Personal, a digital campaign focused on highlighting the expertise and support that the institution provides.

The campaign will see the motivations behind Fitness First’s personal trainers and feature each trainer’s varying strength in training, such as weight loss, health improvement, sports training, core and strength training.

Let’s Get Personal invites the gym members to get personal with a trainer through a match-marking test. The idea is to pair up the perfect candidate with a compatible and suitable personal trainer. The campaign runs across all six APAC countries where Fitness First is present – Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The campaign also sees a series of videos used to encourage the public to participate.

Chuah Cheng Lyn, regional marketing manager of Fitness First Asia said that the campaign has created a series of short videos feature its trainers to showcase the expert faces behind the personal training.

“The videos are truly inspirational and it is aimed to motivate viewers to start thinking as well as taking action to experience how fitness can positively affect their lives.”

Tribal Worldwide Malaysia was appointed to carry out the digital campaign. Lola Chin, general manager of Tribal Worldwide Malaysia shares that the Let’s Get Personal campaign is aimed to educate and inspire consumers who are serious about their fitness.

Let’s Get Personal launched in November and will conclude on 3 January 2014.

The campaign can be access through its designated microsite.