Fidelity International intertwines the art of Peranakan beading with investment


Fidelity International, a company offering investment management services, has weaved the delicate art of Peranakan beading into its "F Campaign", in a bid differentiate itself and bring to life Fidelity's unique selling proposition (USP) - focus, future and further.

This marks the first wave of the "F Campaign" which revolves around the word "Focus". The craft of beading was chosen as it offered "the perfect parallel" to convey the focus that Fidelity's fund managers bring to every investment, co-founder and managing partner of Blak Labs Charlie Blower told Marketing.

According to him, the concept was created through an iterative process by Blak Labs and the Fidelity team comprising head of marketing Lisa Ortner-Ghouze and digital and brand marketing lead Ben Foxlee. While they started with the original "F Campaign" concepts from its branch in Australia, the team agreed that it needed to find concepts and stories that would resonate with local audiences.

"When we were searching for the idea, we were lucky to find and work with Raymond Wong, the master craftsman behind the Peranakan design. We went through a number of different beading designs with him before we landed on the final pattern to craft, and even on the day of the shoot the beading wasn’t complete till late in the day," Blower said.

He added that it was serendipity that Wong also happened to be a Fidelity investor. As such, the Fidelity marketing team decided to record his client testimonial on video as part of this campaign. The campaign was executed on digital, social and out-of-home. It also released Peranakan-inspired merchandise which Blower said "is already proving popular in the market".

Campaign credits:
Client: Fidelity International
Agency: Blak Labs
Production House: Edit Lounge
Media: Ptarmigan