Fernleaf aims to inspire the can-do spirit in its consumers

Fernleaf has launched a new campaign to inspire consumers to achieve greatness and tell themselves "I can", when the world throws them curve balls and tries to discourage them by saying "You can't".

The campaign showcases two videos, each featuring the stories of Bharatanatyam dancer Mavin Khoo and 23-year-old mountain climber Siti Hanisah Sharuddin. Despite getting teased for his interest in Bharatanatyam at a young age, Khoo was not discouraged and continued pursuing his passion. Meanwhile, Sharuddin did not let her age stop her from achieving her dream of scaling Mount Everest.

In a bid to get consumers to share their inspiring stories of achieving greatness, Fernleaf also launched a contest urging consumers to recount their proudest achievement, share how they overcame the challenges faced, as well as a few words of encouragement to others.

A+M has reached out to Fernleaf for further comment.

View the videos here: