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Fantastic TV renames as Hong Kong Open TV, unveils new programmes

i-Cable Communications’ affiliate Fantastic TV will be renamed as Hong Kong Open TV. A series of new infotainment programmes will be aired.

Effective from 27 October, Hong Kong Open TV has unveiled some programmes including a talk show hosted by Eric Kot, where children are invited to discuss interesting topics with their parents. Another talk show, hosted by Stephen Chan, will be aired where guests with opposite stand points are invited to discuss controversial issues in town. Other highlights include a documentary and a travel programme.

Speaking of the meaning of the new name, the company said “when ‘open’ combines different words, it can create different meanings.” Also, “Hong Kong Open TV is ready to start a new page with the determination to ‘open’ viewers’ eyes and widen their horizons, and to unveil a new era of Hong Kong broadcasting industry.”

“We collaborate with well-known artists, hottest presenters in town, creative gurus in the entertainment industry and talents from all sectors to produce highly creative infotainment programmes to inspire new thoughts,” said Fiona Lee, executive director of Fantastic Television Limited. “We aim at enhancing the connection to local communities and inspiring those who concern about Hong Kong.”

Fantastic TV was launched on 14 May 2017. According to Apple Daily, i-CABLE Communications Limited’s chief operating officer Irene Leung did not respond directly to rumours that the company is considering job cuts at the renaming press conference.

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