FamilyMart offers consumers a sweet surprise with new ice cream flavour

FamilyMart Malaysia has rolled out a new ice cream flavour, the Murasaki Sweet Potato Cheesecake Sofuto, nationwide. In a Facebook post, the convenience store chain announced that consumers can now taste the best of both worlds at the tip of their tongue.

The post garnered over 8.3k reactions, 4.8k comments and 6.1k shares at the time of writing, with some netizens commenting they liked the new product offering while others urged FamilyMart to bring back flavours such as coconut.


In a statement to A+M, FamilyMart's spokesperson said it felt the new product is "an interesting and refreshing combination" of flavours, which will allows the company to provide differentiated offerings to consumers. The spokesperson added that it mainly relies on Facebook, word of mouth and in-store teams to promote the new ice cream flavour. Meanwhile, the spokesperson declined to comment on the agencies it is working with in Malaysia.