FairPrice drops prices on 50 popular house brands, more promos for Merdeka-gen

About 100 frequently purchased everyday essential products in FairPrice's house brand range will be protected from any price fluctuations as part of the social enterprise's efforts to moderate cost of living. Besides holding prices of the selected products until 30 June 2020, FairPrice has dropped prices of some 50 popular house brand products and rolled out a new promotion for Merdeka Generation members.

Following the move, FairPrice told Marketing in a statement that it will be rolling out a campaign to spread awareness in the community. It will involve various communication platforms including in-store activation, social media engagement, as well as educational store visits in partnership with People's Association, grassroots, and NTUC-affiliated unions.

According to the press release, the prices dropped by as much as 30% to ensure all 100 house brand everyday essentials are priced at least 20% cheaper than comparable leading brands. Spanning the categories of groceries and household consumables, the products are specially selected based on popular daily essentials purchased by customers, which is "representative of the average household in Singapore."

The FairPrice spokesperson explained, "Not only will our commitment to hold prices help cushion Singaporeans against potential price increases - regardless of changes in supply and socio-economic factors that could affect food prices - this initiative also acts as a benchmark for prices of everyday essentials, ensuring they remain affordable."

Kicking off on 1 July 2019 for a year, members of the Merdeka Generation will also enjoy a 3% discount on purchases at FairPrice on Wednesdays. They would need to present their Merdeka Generation Cards or valid identifications at the point of purchase to qualify for the discount. The Merdeka Generation comprises individuals who have made significant contributions to Singapore’s security, economy and independence.

The new discount initiative complements existing cost savings offered by FairPrice to different groups of Singaporeans, particularly the older generation, to honour and show appreciation for their contributions to the nation. These include the Pioneer Generation discount and Seniors’ discount.

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