Facebook, WhatsApp named top social networks

Facebook remains the most popular social networking platform in Hong Kong, with 72% of users logging in daily, while WhatsApp tops the list of instant messaging (IM) apps with 81%, according to report by global research consultancy TNS.

TNS's 'Connected Life', a global study of the digital attitudes and behaviours of 60,500 internet users across 50 countries, reveals 55% are on instant messaging every day.

In Hong Kong, Facebook continues its dominance for social networking platforms with 72% of the users while WhatsApp is the most popular for instant messaging app with 81% of users, according to TNS.

Top social networks and instant messaging platforms in Hong Kong:

Social network

1.    Facebook 72%

2.    Google+ 25%

3.    Instagram 19%

Instant messaging

1.     WhatsApp 81%

2.    WeChat 31%

3.    Facebook Messenger 29%

Daily instant messaging app use by country:

Country Daily IM use Daily social network use
Global 55% 48%
APAC 61% 43%
Australia 40% 50%
China 69% 41%
Hong Kong 73% 67%
India 38% 38%
Indonesia 48% 54%
Japan 16% 24%
Malaysia 77% 75%
New Zealand 46% 56%
Philippines 35% 28%
Singapore 76% 64%
South Korea 61% 47%
Taiwan 69% 69%
Thailand 74% 78%
Vietnam 49% 67% 

In Asia, daily IM usage jumps to 77% in Malaysia, 76% in Singapore, 74% in Thailand, 73% in Hong Kong and 69% in both China and Taiwan; developed countries are lagging behind with just 39% in the UK and 35% in the US using IM platforms on a daily basis.

Facebook has maintained its position as the world’s favourite social platform; almost one third of global internet users (30%) say they use it every day. Meanwhile WeChat dominates the market in China, with 68% daily usage.

"Apps like Snapchat, WeChat, Line and WhatsApp are sweeping up new users every day, particularly younger consumers who want to share experiences with a smaller, specific group, rather than using public, mainstream platforms like Facebook or Twitter," said Joseph Webb, Global Director of Connected Life.

“Yet at the same time, brands need to be very careful. Instant messaging is a more closed medium, meaning it is essential to share limited content that is genuinely relevant and valuable.” Webb adds.