Facebook to test mid-roll ads in videos

Facebook is testing out mid-roll ads for videos, according to Recode. The social network giant has declined to comment.

In the report released on Monday, industry sources say the social network will sell the ads and share the revenue with publishers, giving them 55% of all sales. This is the same split offered by YouTube.

Recode's sources said the mid-roll ads would be at least 20 seconds, while sources from Marketingland.com later added that the new mid-roll ads will be limited to 15 seconds or less. Clips need to be at least 90 seconds long to qualify for a mid-roll ad break.

Marketing has reached out to Facebook's Hong Kong office but the social media company wasn’t commenting on this plan.

According to figures from Facebook, its users were watching 100 million hours of videos per day by 2016.

The introduction of mid-roll video ads would represent the first time when video publishers could make real money from the clips they have been running on Facebook. Until now, video ads were limited to sponsored posts, which brands purchased directly from Facebook.

Meanwhile, Facebook-owned Instagram has debuted full-screen skippable ads in its 'stories' feature.

The platform is partnering with about 30 global advertisers like Airbnb, Netflix, Nike and General Motors to display short video ads inside of stories. Advertisements from these partners will be flagged with a "sponsored" label and will run for a maximum of 15 seconds.