Facebook sees ad metric overhaul just as severe outage hits platform

Facebook said that it will be removing several ad metrics in April and replacing them with more actionable ones. This includes Facebook relevance score, which will be replaced with three new, "more granular" ad relevance diagnostics metrics.

The metrics being removed are: actions, amount spent today, button clicks, canvas component time percentage, carousel card, link click destination, mobile app actions conversion value, page mentions, page tab views, positive/negative feedback, and social reach/impressions/clicks.

The ad relevance diagnostics will measure relevance across three dimensions:

  • Quality ranking: How your ad's perceived quality compared with ads competing for the same audience;

  • Engagement rate ranking: How your ad's expected engagement rate compared with ads competing for the same audience;

  • Conversion rate ranking: How your ad's expected conversion rate compared with ads that had the same optimisation goal and competed for the same audience.

According to the social network, the change aims to help advertisers understand whether changes to creative assets, audience targeting or the post-click experience might improve performance. Another new feature revealed was the posts saved metric that enables businesses to see how many people saved their ads. Offer ads will also be counted in the new posts saved metric, so offers saved metric will be removed as well.

Responding to advertisers' requests for an estimate that more closely aligns with the results that they see in their campaign performance, potential reach will also be updated to show only include people who were shown an ad on Facebook in the last 30 days. Potential reach was previously calculated based on the number of total monthly active users on Facebook.

The updates come at an unfortunate time as Facebook and Instagram users worldwide have been hit with a outage, with many experiencing issues in loading, refreshing and posting new content, according to multiple media reports including BBC, The Straits Times and CNBC. Facebook-owned WhatsApp was also reported to experience glitches.

Facebook confirmed on Twitter that it is aware of users having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps and is working to resolve the issue "as soon as possible". While the cause of the outage is not known yet, Facebook has ruled out the possibility of a Distributed Denial of Service attack. More commonly known as DDoS, it is a cyber attack that involves overloading a platform with inflated traffic.

Instagram also posted an update on its platform, adding that "We know this is frustrating, and our team is hard at work to resolve this ASAP."

Amid the commotion, Twitter voiced out with a simple tweet:

The tweet attracted 2.2k shares and 8.6k likes in two hours. Meanwhile, users took to Twitter with a series of memes to share their thoughts on the incident. The hashtags #InstagramDown and #FacebookDown are some of the highest trending at 430k and 439k tweets respectively.