Facebook offers Android users iOS-like location control

Facebook users on Android are now able to choose if they want Facebook to collect location information when they’re not using the app.

Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems by far, but iOS users have had an option Android users don’t as they can select from sharing precise location at all times, only when the app is in use, or never.

On 20 February, Paul McDonald, engineering director, location infrastructure of Facebook said in a note that “we’re alerting everyone using the Facebook app on an Android device who chose to turn on location history in the past, letting them know about the new control, and asking them to take a moment to check that their settings are right for them.”

He added that users do not have to do anything if they have never turned on location history, and Facebook won’t turn either of these settings on unless users specifically tell them to.

Other the other hand, Facebook is updating location information to include the primary location for users at the city or postal code level. Apart from nearby events, more relevant ads, and access to local Facebook products, user location also helps safeguard the security of accounts as they will receive notification if there is a login from a different city.

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