Facebook Messenger unveils BTS-themed camera effects and stickers

Banking on the K-pop fever, Facebook has launched a new sticker pack together with Korean boy band BTS and LINE FRIENDS. These “BTS21 Best Friends Forever” stickers will be integrated into the Facebook Messenger platform, in line with #NationalBestFriendDay on 8 June. In addition, users on Facebook Messenger will also be able to play around with camera effects and stickers on the platform.

BT21 is a collection of stickers, frames and AR filters created by K-pop band BTS in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS in 2017, and Facebook jumped on board last year to integrate the stickers onto its platform. Following the launch of the stickers, netizens on Facebook were seen expressing their “love and excitement” through stickers. There were some who cited these interactive features as a reason to get back on the Facebook Messenger platform.

In a statement to Marketing, Jennifer Whitley – creative director, Messenger Art team said the appeal of the stickers grows in lockstep with the appeal of the band, given that the band is on its world tour currently.

Similar to the previous BT21 sticker packs, the BT21 Best Friend Forever stickers will be available worldwide. Whitley added that the suite of “fun” BT21 camera filters and stickers are released as part of the BFF sticker pack debut.

“Stickers on Messenger remain a beloved feature of our app, with people sending more than 380 million stickers daily. The appetite for more stickers generally, combined with the ever-increasing popularity of BT21, makes for what we hope will be a highly useful, beloved sticker offering,” she said. These stickers will be featured within Messenger’s Sticker store and shared across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms. According to Whitley, the fan sentiments and sticker page usage measures the success of its debut.

BTS has grown into a global phenomenon, and also made it to the cover of Time magazine. The team of seven gained popularity over the past few years, collaborating with companies such as PUMA, Facebook and Coca-Cola. Recently, Mattel unveiled the line of #BTSxMattel fashion dolls. On the online space, netizens were seen praising and applauding Mattel for its efforts and capturing the hottest K-pop band.