Facebook launches Marketplace in Hong Kong

Facebook has been a channel for people to connect one another in every aspect possible. This time, the social networking service enterprise connects online buyers and sellers. With a whopping 550 million people buying and selling in Facebook groups every month, the company wants a share of the online marketplace business.

Amidst the surging tide of online shopping platforms like Amazon, Tmall and Carousell, Facebook has launched Marketplace in Hong Kong, an online shopping platform that facilitates community buying and selling, be it a budget shoe rack or a laptop of the latest model.

The online shopping platform takes advantage of the company’s database and algorithm to provide both buyers and sellers with information such as each other’s public profiles, mutual friends, and how long they have been on Facebook.

On the platform, shoppers can choose from a listing of items relevant to their interests and location. Built-in filters help narrow down items based on specific location, price range and category. If the shopper is interested in a product, details of both the product and the seller are available when tapping on the image.

Sellers, on the other hand, post a photo of an item to be sold with a description and price. Then, they can simply sit and wait for the direct messages from interested buyers. Additionally, sellers have an option to post to Marketplace and a specific Facebook group at the same time, maximising the item’s exposure to potential buyers.

The company stresses that they do not facilitate the delivery and payment process, meaning buyers need to sort out such arrangements with the sellers solely through direct message.

Marketplace is now available in 64 countries and regions around the globe, including Hong Kong.