You can finally archive or delete Facebook posts in bulk with the Manage Activity tool

Performing some spring cleaning on one's social history has become a more common practice as of late, yet deleting old posts on Facebook has traditionally been a laborious process. To help users curate their platform presence, Facebook has launched a new function to help users archive or trash old posts, all in one place. 

The new "Manage Activity " function allows users to view and manage their posts in bulk through filters that help them sort and find posts via criteria such as specific people or a specific date range.

Once a post is found, the tool provides the ability to archive and hide any content that the user no longer want others to see but doesn't delete it entirely. For example, someone might archive a post they made when they were in high school that they still find amusing but that they would rather not have seen by everyone else on Facebook today. 

Of course, the new function also allows users to move posts they no longer want to keep at all to a trash bin. Posts sent to the trash will stay there for 30 days before being deleted permanently unless users choose to manually delete or restore the posts before then. This gives users time to mull things over as they may change their mind about deleting old posts.

Manage Activity will first launch on mobile and Facebook Lite, before being extended to desktop. 

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