Facebook expands 'playable ads' and 'rewarded video' formats

Facebook is launching playable ads on Audience Network and making rewarded video available to all mobile game publishers and developers following research that in-app ad monetisation for games is successful. According to a whitepaper released by Facebook, 57% of mobile developers believe in-app ads can improve player retention without detracting from the game experience. Developers ranked the combination of in-app ads and in-app purchases as most effective for monetisation, with over 55% now using both.

Playable ads

Playable ads, where a mini-version of a game is embedded in an ad to let players try a game before downloading, has now been extended to Audience Network after being launched in the News Feed last August. It will be available in both rewarded video and interstitial formats.

This comes after findings show that people who installed an app through a playable ad opened the app 60% more often, and were six times more likely to make an in-app purchase than people who installed through other ads for the same apps. According to Facebook, 33% of publishers using a mix of in-app ads and in-app purchases said playable ads are already their most successful format.

Rewarded video

Meanwhile, rewarded video format will also be expanded to all developers and publishers. Those who currently do not have access will see it as a placement creation option in their monetisation manager dashboard over the coming weeks. With rewarded video, players receive a reward like extra lives or in-game currency for watching an ad.

 According to the research on mobile game developers' monetisation options, 79% of the developers using a mix of ads and in-app purchases said rewarded video is their most effective format. Additionally, 53% of developers believe rewarded video drives in-app purchases. "In 2018, payouts from Audience Network rewarded video increased more than eight times. We're seeing game publishers of all sizes successfully utilise this format to grow revenues and boost their businesses," said Facebook in a press release.

New metrics and support

To help advertisers better understand the effectiveness of their creative and increase overall ease of use, Facebook has also introduced expanded capabilities and more transparency for playable ads in the coming weeks.

Three new playable ads metrics will be made available in Ads Manager: instant experiences clicks to open, instant experiences clicks to start, and instant experiences outbound clicks. With these, Facebook aims to help gaming advertisers identify key drop-off points, and improve game play and increase return on ad spend.

With simplified playable ad creation with zip file and vertical video support, advertisers also have the ability to create higher-quality playable experiences of larger file sizes and easily use existing, off-Facebook playable files on Facebook and Audience Network.