Facebook cleans up privacy measures in new update

Facebook has released an update of the measures the brand is going to take, following Mark Zuckerberg's announcement regarding the Cambridge Analytica situation last week. According to a blog post, Facebook would be cracking down on the abuse of the Facebook platform, strengthening its policies, and taking additional steps in the coming weeks to put people in more control of their privacy.

To make data settings and tools easier to find, Facebook has redesigned its entire setting menu of mobile devices, with controls now accessible from a single place. Prior to the redesign, its settings were spread across nearly 20 different screens. In addition, Facebook has also cleaned up the outdated settings to clearly differentiate information that can or cannot be shared with apps.

The company has also implemented a new privacy shortcut menu to allow users to control their personal data. This includes controlling the ads a user has seen, which will allow for ad preferences to be put in place to manage the information used for type of ads displayed. It will also explain how the ads work, and different options users have. Accounts will also be made more secure through added layers of protection, controlling personal information that was shared or deleted and better management of privacy settings.

A new feature "Access Your Information" will also be introduced to the platform. This feature looks to be a secure way for users to access and manage their information such as posts, reactions, comments and their search history. This will allow users to delete anything in their timelines or profile that they no longer want on Facebook through this feature. In addition, Facebook aims to make downloading data shared easier for its users. Photos uploaded, contacts or posts among others can have a copy securely downloaded, and moved to another service.

The post added that Facebook has also taken the responsibility to communicate how the brand collects and uses the data to its users easily. In the coming weeks, the brand will be proposing updates to the platform's terms of service, which includes its commitment to people. The data policy will also be updated to better explain the type of data collected, and how its being used. All these updates aim to be transparent.