Facebook adds new functions for users in parenting groups

Facebook has introduced a new group type for parenting, enabling users to discover and engage with their communities more easily.

Starting today, when Facebook group admins select the parenting group type, they will unlock access to two unique and customised features – anonymous post and badging. With these new features, parents can feel more comfortable when speaking to their personal journey, easily identify content that’s important to them, and seek or share advice with others.

The anonymous post function is a result of Facebook hearing from parents’ feedback, who want a way for them to discuss topics that they may not be able to share comfortably and openly. 

To enable members of a parenting group to make sensitive posts without revealing their identity, Facebook has added this function to parenting groups. For example, if parents are looking to share or receive feedback related to financial concerns or dealing with the loss of a child, posting anonymously can help them easily facilitate those discussions.

The badging function has also been added to parenting groups. Members can choose to identify themselves to groups members in regards to what stage of the parenting journey they are in. 

If parents want to find people who are going through a similar situation, badging makes it easier to quickly find those people and connect with them. Examples of badges include “new parent” and “expecting parent” to help parents connect more closely with those in similar situations.

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