Facebook ad revenue nears US$3bn in Q3

Facebook has seen total revenue for the Q3 of this year hit US$3.2 billion, a 59% increase compared to US$2 billion in Q3 2013.

The bulk of that revenue came from advertising, which amounted to $2.96 billion, up 64% year-on-year. Approximately 66% of this advertising revenue came from mobile, which took up just 49% of advertising revenue in Q3 last year.

Consistent with the boost in mobile ad revenue, 703 million of Facebook’s 864 million average daily active users for September 2014 were mobile users.

Growth in mobile daily active users also went up more rapidly than for general daily active users. For September 2014, 19% more daily active users are on Facebook compared to September 2013 whereas a whopping 39% more mobile daily active users are on the social media platform.

In Q3, Facebook re-launched Atlas, acquired LiveRail and rolled out Audience Network.

For 2015, the social media giant says it hopes to focus on capitalising on the shift towards mobile, growing the number of Facebook marketers and building products which make ads more relevant.  To attain these goals, Facebook says it will continue to invest in advertising technologies.

Source: press release

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