Facebook for Business launches in 11 languages

A new versions of the Facebook for Business website has been launched in Korea, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Brazil.  This resulted in 11 new sites across the following languages: Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese Chinese, Simplified Chinese, UK English, German, French, European Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish.

Facebook for Business will be the core hub of information for all marketers and is part of Facebook’s efforts to simplify the way it communicates with advertisers and businesses.

It will house the official Facebook for Business Blog, and will have information on all of Facebook’s products and solutions for businesses, sorted by industry strategies.

This is part of a global rollout that began in third quarter with the launch of a beta site. On the site, Facebook declared that the site was designed with all of its customers in mind, from small businesses to large agencies and brands.

Facebook for Business is currently available in US English, with a global release coming soon. Facebook Studio and other resources remain available, but going forward, marketers should look to the new Facebook for Business for the latest news and updates.