F&B case study: The Privé Group

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Since it was established in 2007, The Privé Group has grown to become a leading brand in Singapore’s constantly developing food and beverage (F&B) scene. Backed by a team of talented and committed individuals, and guided by a corporate philosophy of “Go The Extra SMILE”, the group has established itself as a purveyor of unique dining concepts with an exceptional brand experience.

The challenge

Privé Perks is a loyalty programme with exclusive privileges, benefits and updates. With data sitting in disparate systems, there was a need for data integration and the full mapping of the menu items. Existing manual processes in the programme were limiting real-time data exchanges. Hence, there was a need for marketing automation to enhance operational efficiency.

The objective

The management saw the need to:

  • Track and measure marketing ROI effectively and accurately.
  • Use customer insights to enhance the dining experience and build loyalty.
  • Remove failing manual processes and use automation to deliver seamless customer experiences across communication channels.

The solution

XGATE successfully transformed the Privé Perks loyalty programme in the following ways:

  • Integrated data between POS systems through APIs to facilitate real-time data transfer.
  • Develop item/bill level promotions with real-time redemption and crediting of member rewards and loyalty points.
  • Facilitate leads capture through integration with social media to convert fans and followers into customers.
  • Enhance data capture and management through a digitised membership sign-up process.
  • Design and set up marketing automation to launch multi-channel CRM campaigns (member welcomes, leads capture, member birthday rewards, membership expiry reminders, etc) and grow customer life-time value using XGATE’s 5As life cycle approach.
  • Target different segment groups with loyalty rewards (e-coupons) and track the conversions from online to restaurants.
  • Generate BI and campaign insights to enhance CRM performance.

The results

The loyalty membership sign-up process has been replaced with a digital web form that triggers the Welcome Programme – a member is targeted with a “thank you” email and a SMS message containing member e-coupons. Members may access the e-coupons to redeem for treats or promotions at dining outlets and the redemption is tracked to measure the success of the loyalty programme.

We have achieved key business objectives just seven months into the programme:

  • New member sign-up rates have increased by over 50% and total membership grew by more than 50%.
  • Member points redemption rates have significantly improved, averaging 68% each month.
  • Over 40% of members visited the Privé outlets more than once with the new member birthday programme.

According to Jean-Luc Vu Han, chief executive officer of The Privé Group: “The technical and marketing team at XGATE is superb. They understood our business challenges and came up with a great CRM and loyalty strategy to help us build strong brand loyalty as we continue our expansion plan to serve more people.”

The CRM and loyalty strategy adopted by The Privé Group has involved a fundamental change in technology, operational processes and competence development. While marketing automation forms the foundation to improve marketing efficiency, throughout the transformation journey, delivering an exceptional customer experience was central to the way the organisation thought and set out to achieve the goal.

Having successfully rolled out the Privé Perks loyalty programme, the next phase will leverage customer insights for more personalised communications and offerings.

The writer is Dr Tang Pak Kay, business development director, XGATE.

XGATE’s proprietary DMS suite consists of a diverse range of multichannel marketing and technology solutions. Furthermore, DMS provides real-time campaign performance tracking, behaviour analytics, reporting, and acts as a social CRM for leads generation and nurturing.

For more information, Email Dr Tang at pk.tang@xgate.com

This sponsored case study by XGATE was first published in our March 2020 issue.