Exponential Interactive introduces flexible new video formats

Exponential Interactive, a digital media solution agency has launched a range of video-enabled engagement ad formats through its display, video and mobile audience engagement divisions Firefly Video, Adotube and Appsnack.

All three of the new units now have video ad formats that expand on user interaction. ‘Blaze’ from Firefly Video is an expandable ‘billboard’ video format, ‘Ad Engage’ by Adotube expands within in-stream video players, and Appsnack’s ‘Video Snackbar’ is an expandable ad for mobile devices.

“The key to successful video advertising is not thinking about it like TV advertising, which the industry seems intent on moving towards. In fact, these new units are what video advertising should have been if it hadn’t been invented more than 50 years ago,” Kelvin Tan, Exponential’s general manager, Southeast Asia and North Asia said.

Firefly Video’s ‘Blaze’ is a billboard video format that expands in different stages – first to a full-size video then to a complete page takeover, depending on how the viewer interacts with it. According to Exponential, results have indicated that viewers are far more likely to expand and spend more time interacting with content using Blaze than other Billboard display formats.

Adotube’s ‘Ad Engage’ is a pre-roll ad featuring a “peel-back” option enabling viewers to interact with the ad in different ways, such as accessing additional video and product information. Internal A/B testing revealed viewers are 20x more likely to expand this format than other interactive units and spend 50% longer with the brand than normal pre-roll ads.

Appsnack’s ‘Video Snackbar’ format for mobile devices enables advertisers to play a specific ‘teaser’ part of their video at the bottom of screens, which transitions to a full-page video ad if the viewer interacts with it.

“The aim is to get viewers to spend as much time as possible engaging with your brand but this isn’t possible if you think like TV. Firstly, it must be opt-in, then draw the viewer in gently, give them options and set their expectations. If you don’t do these, people will drop out quickly or won’t engage in the first place,” Tan added.

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