Experience TUBE: Manila’s first-ever in-train TV network

PHAR Philippines launches TUBE, Manila’s first ever in-train TV network. TUBE is the newest in-transit media platform offering informative, entertaining, and inspiring content to the 1.3M commuting public via 1000+ TUBE LED screens installed in the LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3 lines.

TUBE not only features a real-time Passenger Information System with GPS-triggered alerts, but also gives the riders an audio and visual treat with TUBE-exclusive content in the form of one-minute mini episodes from a select roster of online content creators Included in the TUBE Influencer line-up are Michelle Dy, Micah Louisse, Carlo Ople, Jeremy Kruis, Air Lajada, Richie Zamora, Prince de Guzman, and Julz Savard. The mini-episodes cover a diverse range of topics like lifestyle, grooming and style, travel, gaming, sports, and in the future, so much more.

“TUBE is going to change the rules of engagement as far as media consumption is concerned. With 1.3 million passengers commuting every day, TUBE rivals the major television channels’ reach in the NCR. We work extensively with governments and transport operators in Asia, and we can quite confidently say that TUBE is the best passenger information system we have seen. Sprinkle some cutting-edge content creators and you have something special in the making,” says Prem Bhatia, Managing Director Asia of PHAR Partnerships

During the launch, there was a panel discussion on TUBE with Mr. Bhatia; Gladys Basinilio, Chief Growth Officer of Starcom MediaVest Group; and TUBE Influencers Micah Louisse, Air Lajada, and Ritchie Zamora. The event was held at Penthouse 8747 in Makati City and was graced by Media Agencies, and PHAR Client and Partners.