Expedia tells your story

After the launch of the Find Yours campaign last fall, Expedia has been at the forefront of inspirational films about people who’ve found whatever they’re looking for, whether it be a first bite of a roasted insect (Finding your curiosity), a 10-feet jump into the ocean (Finding your nerve) or proposal in a hot air balloon (Finding your future).

One of the most noteworthy – Find Your Understanding – featured a father’s journey to accepting his daughter’s same-sex wedding.

Today, Experia opens up the platform to its Facebook fans through an app that lets users make their own inspiration and tear-grabbing videos starting with “I found my”.

Created by 180LA and digital shop Unit9, the app accesses users’ pictures from Facebook or Instagram and links them together with Google Maps. Fans then must answer questions like “What are you looking for” – to mimic the original campaign – and choose locations, photos, filters and music for their short film’s finishing touches.

Adhering to Expedia’s philosophy of “moving people through travel”, the app’s promotional video dubs this project as “the most powerful tool for sharing your journeys.”

“After all, the only thing as rewarding as what you found on your trip is sharing it and inspiring someone else to find theirs,” the travel agency wrote on the video.