The Executive Centre's new campaign asks, "What is an office?"

Premium flexible workspace provider The Executive Centre is questioning what truly defines office space with their new campaign, "What Is An Office?"

The campaign comes at a time when many workers here in Hong Kong and worldwide are still safely distancing through flexible or full-time remote working schedules as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over a year into the crisis, as companies have adapted to make remote work efficient, it raises the question if we still need the traditional cubicle or open-plan working spaces of the past.

With a brand video and four product videos that explore what the workforce sees as the role of the office in the new normal, the campaign makes a case for agile working processes that can streamline business operations to the benefit of employees and employers. 

“The break from office has pushed people to reconsider what they require to create a positive working environment. People are waking up to the fact that an office should be more than four walls around a desk – it is a space which fosters collaboration, communication and creativity,” said Paul Salnikow, founder and CEO of The Executive Centre.

"While human interaction proves to be crucial for work and life, people are also keen to enjoy variety in work options, the future of work is shifting from purely remote to a hybrid model. Flexibility is key in future workplace strategies because choice has become an invaluable asset; people want to choose to access workstations, meeting rooms and breakout areas when they need it, and corporations are realising that incorporating a flexible element can also positively impact their bottom line," he added.

In addition to the campaign, The Executive Centre has released a whitepaper exploring the origins of the office and its role in the future of work.