Exclusive webinar: Nail your marketing plan in times of uncertainty

A complimentary webinar in partnership with Marketing will be held on 16 June, at 10:30 am, Singapore Standard Time. This webinar puts together marketing experts from top brands such as NTUC Income, Audi, Cisco, StashAway and Shutterstock to discuss key marketing strategies crucial in ensuring maximum ROI during turbulent times.

Comprising of six speakers – Marianne Bunton from Shutterstock, Rezwana Manjur from Marketing, Marcus Chew from NTUC Income, Rudi Venter from Audi Singapore, Rashish Pandey from Cisco and Filippo Stefanelli from StashAway, the live presentations will present the hard facts and insights for brands to leverage on, all in the comforts of your home.

It is especially easy to lose control of marketing plans during an economic downturn, relying on the first instinct to cut marketing budgets to focus on brand recovery instead. Yet, according to the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, "A brand judged to be on the way down because it has fallen silent, will very rapidly see this manifested in word-of-mouth, which will accelerate the perception of failure."

Backed by findings from the Harvard Business Review, brands who invested in adequate marketing and awareness during an economic slump successfully increased their overall market share, ultimately emerging stronger than brands who cut back. This webinar presents itself as an eye-opener for marketers seeking a proper marketing direction in these tough times.

The webinar will be led by Rezwana Manjur, Marketing’s regional editor, and Marianne Bunton, director of global sales and product marketing at Shutterstock. Having worked in diverse regions like Asia, Europe and America, Bunton has collected over 15 years of solid experience in ensuring business growth through her strategic mindset and splendid relations with her clients and teams.

Together with other speakers, she will explore tactics to generate profits in today’s time of crunch. Attendees will understand how to pivot marketing efforts to get the most out of their investments and leave with the confidence to kickstart new social strategies that connect their brand with the community, as well as crucial ways to keep the marketing team motivated and productive throughout this journey.

Providing ample time for live Q&A with these industry experts, this session will be essential in paving the direction for marketers keen on implementing Smart Marketing to produce visible results for their brand.

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