Ex-Nuffnang co-founder Timothy Tiah moves into co-working spaces

Former Netccentric co-founder Timothy Tiah (pictured) has made a foray into the co-working space in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Called Colony, the new space is run by Tiah and his wife Audrey Ooi with a current headcount of seven employees. It also follows Tiah’s exit in Netccentric in November last year.

Before his departure, Tiah co-founded the social media influencer company with Ming Cheo  in 2006, who departed from the role in January this year. Companies in the Netccentric group include Nuffnang, ChurpChurp, Ripplewerkz, Jipaban and Nom Nom Media.

The new space was launched last Friday, and currently relies on media outreach, digital and social media marketing to bolster brand awareness.

The company also relies on influencer marketing, which has driven many leads for the business, according to Tiah in a conversation with A+M. Tiah also explained that his decision to go into the co-working space industry resulted from a desire to want to start something new with a small team.

“I came across the first co-working space in Jakarta and also discovered the how mature the industry was in Singapore. There was much potential for this industry to being the ‘Uber’ of working spaces,” Tiah added.