Everyone's a social influencer. Really?

When it comes to identifying influencers in social media, in the old days but actually not so long ago, marketers would mostly target bloggers.

Now the game is changing. Marketers are looking for ways to engage with not only bloggers, but also Twitterers, Weibo-ers, YouTube personalities, Facebookers, Intergramers, FoodSpotters, or Pinners (Pinterest).

No matter you are a John Doe or a famous celebrity, everybody might have a score to define if you are influential. Although none of those social influence measuring tools such as Klout score are perfect, at least they can provide a benchmark of not only the breath, but also the depth of what social influence means to their brand or product. For marketers, before getting over excited about the scores, relevancy is still always the top priority.

If social media is all about conversation, nothing will be more welcomed by the audience than a conversation conducted in real time. I am not talking about just monitoring the buzz but actually taking timely respond.

The community manager in charge from either the client-side or the agency will have more authority on actively participating in real time conversation with its customers/prospects. Less monologue, more dialog is the trend.

We will see more cases like what IKEA Hong Kong just did in responding a timely topical web sensation, in which a local celebrity's post on his Facebook about an incident of, literally, crying over spilled milk (actually he broke his favorite glass at home then became disturbingly emotional).

Folks from IKEA or its agency shared this post on the brand's Facebook page attached with a light hearted message promoting the store's glassware collection. It generated thousand of Likes and comments for the post within hours. Local newspaper also reported about this quick respond from IKEA. Real time conversation in Social Media is both fun and rewarding.

Rudi Leung is director, communication planning at Agenda Hong Kong and Tribal Chief of its Social Creative Lab.